Thompson Center 8770 G2 CNTNDR Rifle FRAME SS SYN



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thompson center compass 2

Thompson center compass 2, The original Contender and the G2 Contender use the same barrels & forends however the stocks & grips are different and do not interchange.

Every firearm enthusiast knows the rule of thumb when it comes to shopping for weapons: “You get what you pay for”.  In the budget bolt-action rifle category nowadays, two names stand out from the rest: Thompson Center Compass and Ruger American.

So which one is the overall winner in a Thompson Center Compass vs. Ruger American competition? Right down below is an in-depth comparison that covers various characteristics of the Thompson Center Compass and Ruger American.

Different shooters would likely value different qualities, so in the end, it’s up to you to make the call.  Take your time and determine which rifle suits you most.

A number of years ago, the major makers introduced the affordable bolt-action rifles we have come to call “package guns. ” These are centerfire rifles with a bore-sighted scope from the factory.

Sometimes available as a rifle only, and often available with a middle-of-the-road optic, they are very popular. Among these rifles are the Remington 783, Savage Axis and Mossberg Patriot. Ruger’s rifle is the Ruger American.

It is a very good rifle and while it cost more than some, it almost doesn’t fit in the package gun category. The combination of features for the money is very good. The design is modern and makes for a fast-handling and smooth-operating rifle.

I have owned several Ruger American Rifles in . 223, .308 and 7mm-08 calibers, as well as the fast-handling and fun 7.62x39mm. (The 7.62x39mm version accepts Ruger Mini 30 magazines.)

The rifle and scope combination offers good value, saving a few bucks on purchasing each separately—plus the matchup is bore-sighted.

This doesn’t mean it will be dead on the money at 100 yards, but, often enough, a package rifle is dead-on and sometimes it needs a bit of fine-tunin

Features and Specs

The Ruger is a fast-handling rifle that weighs just a bit over six pounds. This makes the Ruger American well-suited for hunting medium game at modest range. It isn’t a burden on the shoulder. On the other hand, the rifle is plenty accurate to 200 yards or a bit beyond.

(In most cases, the 7.62x39mm rifle is more accurate than the average AK-47, but not as accurate as .308 rifles.) The three-lug bolt offers rapid uplift and scope clearance. The tang mounted safety is smooth and operates easily.

This isn’t a rifle that needs additional bedding from the factory. The synthetic stock is well-bedded using aluminum V-blocks. The rotary magazine has proven reliable in feeding factory loads and handloads as well.

The adjustable trigger is a modern type that allows for considerable adjustment. The lever set in the trigger prevents the trigger from being pressed by lateral discharge. Into this platform, Ruger has chambered a number of interesting cartridges.

Condition New in Box
Manufacturer Part Number 8770
Model Contende
Type Lowers
UPC 090161033733


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