blackwater firearms


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blackwater firearms

Blackwater firearms Phenomenally craftd and impressively unique, the thumb fired Blackwater Ironhorse SPR was originally designed for military applications and is the perfect choice for general-purpose use. Whether you’re a hunter, competition shooter, or just looking to pick up a unique piece of hardware, this Ironhorse SPR  will outperform expectations.

The Ironhorse SPR features an ambidextrous charging handle, a 223 Wylde upper (the 223 wylde allows for enhanced accuracy from both 223 and 556 cartridges), an aluminum handguard with QD mounts, and plenty of real estate for accessories and optics.

2-30 round magazines are included with this purchase.

[UPDATE: Since this review was published, Iron Horse Firearms has parted ways with Blackwater Worldwide. You can get more information about the Iron Horse Sentry 12 shotgun here.]

The former CEO of Blackwater, the renowned, often controversial private security company, has gotten into the firearms world. I’m not clear how the company’s corporate structure works and how much the current Blackwater company has in common with the security company (now known as Academi) if any, but it’s the name they’re going by.

The Blackwater Sentry pump action shotgun is their latest creation and is a unique firearm. American made, box magazine-fed shotguns are typically designs adapted from standard tube magazine-fed guns (see the Remington 870 DM and the Mossberg 590M). The Sentry 12 is different because it was built from the ground up to be a magazine-fed pump-action shotgun.

The Blackwater Sentry 12 is a 12 gauge shotgun that comes with two five-round box magazines. The gun can chamber both 2.75 and 3-inch shells. The Sentry 12 comes with no sights but has a full-length Picatinny rail that runs the length of the gun’s monolithic upper receiver.

The barrel is 18.5 inches long and is a cylinder bore. The firearm is a light 6.5 pounds, and I have liked my shotguns lighter than heavier lately, so that’s a good thing. The overall length is about 36 inches, so it squeezes into most AR 15 cases.

The Sentry 12’s unique look is a blend of AR aesthetics and futuristic sensibilities. It’s certainly a cool looking gun, at least in my book. There’s a healthy heap of AR inspiration in the design, and that’s not a bad thing. Lots of American gun owners know how to handle a AR-15, so for them, the Sentry 12 will be a natural fit.

The gun breaks down in a very similar manner to the AR-15. You separate the upper from the lower and then remove the bolt and bolt carrier. Quick, simple, and efficient.

UPC 684753816240
Caliber 223 WYLDE
Capacity 30+1 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 16.25″ BARREL
Weight 7 LBS.
Finish BLACK


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